Mother Shipton moth on Pyramidal Orchid, Hedgley Bottom Key Wildlife Site, June 2009
Mother Shipton moth on Pyramidal Orchid, Hedgley Bottom Key Wildlife Site, June 2009
Chedworth Environment Group
Chedworth Environment Group
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The Chedworth Environment Group was formed from work carried out on the
Chedworth Parish Plan 2007. This provided feedback from the residents of
Chedworth as to the things that are important to them.

Residents responded positively to the questions about their environment and
showed how important this is to those choosing to live here.



The environment group worked on analysing these responses and coming up with actions and these have been entered in the Parish Plan. Whilst finding out what people in the parish want is important there is a

need to carry out these actions and so the Chedworth Environment Group was


The key aim is to be an action group to “make an impact on our local environment”. Much of our work will be based on the Parish Plan 2007 responses as this gives us a  mandate to carry out these actions.


Our main areas of focus:









1) Non political.

2) Aimed at working on environment issues in the Chedworth Parish only.

3) Open to everyone of all ages whether living in the parish or not.

4) Primarily an action group rather than a forum for talks.


The group is actually formed from a collection of “project action groups” who will carry out the different projects.



The committee consists of a chairman and the leader of each action group.

One annual event will be held for everyone to attend to "get everyone going" then leave each project group to work out it's own strategy.


So far we have 5 action groups:

Green energy – lead by Iain Robertson

Local Food – lead by Joanne Leigh

Recycling – lead by Hugh Blackwell

Biodiversity – lead by Susie Moore

Sustainable Chedworth – lead by Ros Topley


If you are interested in joining the Chedworth Environment Group then sign up today via the Guestbook, Contact Us or contact Hugh Blackwell (group secretary) directly.





Hedgley Bottom Pond Project


The Project progresses - dredging of the pond and the fencing is now complete.    Next spring we will be asking for lots of volunteers to help continue the project.


Read Susie Moore's report on work to date here.

The CHEG Constitution Published


Read about our new constitution here, our aims and objectives and how we work with the community in Chedworth

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