Mother Shipton moth on Pyramidal Orchid, Hedgley Bottom Key Wildlife Site, June 2009
Mother Shipton moth on Pyramidal Orchid, Hedgley Bottom Key Wildlife Site, June 2009
Chedworth Environment Group
Chedworth Environment Group


The rural Community Energy Fund exists to help rural communities in England to develop renewalable energy projects. The Chedworth Environment Group has arranged an open meeting on Saturday, 26th April, in the Village Hall. Do come along and find out more about the fund and how it can help improve the green energy credentials of our village.


Updates can be found on the new Facebook pages for Chedworth:   Chedworth Village

Take Care - Toads Crossing

Common Toads are very particular about where they breed and follow the same migration route back to their ancestral ponds each year. If something is constructed in their path, they carry on regardless. Unfortunately, if this something is a road then the toads are at risk of being killed by traffic or becoming trapped in drains.


In the case of Chedworth the worst area is where the Chedworth stream meets the Fossebridge Inn lake – they lumber down the Chedworth valley to spawn here and, on a warm, mild night the road is covered with toads – usually dead.


Please watch out for signs warning about this and help reduce this impact on our toads.

The CHEG constitution published

CHEG Constitution
Constitution document for the Chedworth Environment Group setting out the aims, objectives and procedures for the successful running of the group
CHEG - constitution (final).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [142.6 KB]



Hedgley Bottom Pond Project


The Project progresses - dredging of the pond and the fencing is now complete.    Next spring we will be asking for lots of volunteers to help continue the project.


Read Susie Moore's report on work to date here.

The CHEG Constitution Published


Read about our new constitution here, our aims and objectives and how we work with the community in Chedworth

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